What are the types and advantages of edge banding?

Edge banding is a narrow,decorative strip of wood covering that is applied to wood or a material made of coarser wood in order to improve its appearance.The name edge banding is applicable to both the process of covering wood surfaces and the thin strip of material used for such purposes. The two materials that are mostly used for edge banding furniture are Polyvinyl Chloride and Acryl onitrile But adiene Styrene,commonly known as PVC and ABS, respectively. Although both PVC and ABS edge banding are made from a plastic material, the latter is of lighter composition (i.e. it has lower density). Other than that, materials such as acrylic, melamine, wood or wood veneer can also be used. The advantages of edge banding furniture are as follows:

· By edge banding raw plywood edges with decorative pieces of wood veneer, can be made indistinguishable from solid wood.


· Edge banding makes furniture look refined and lends them a polished and attractive look.

· With a so many designs and colors to look out for, furniture in the living room or the bed room can easily be renovated with the help of PVC Edging and ABS Edging.

· Edge banding contributes to a long life and durability of furniture.

· Edge banding helps to achieve trimmed edges that are aesthetically pleasing to the eye.


· PVC edging is not flammable and makes furniture scratch and damage resistant.

· ABS edgingis resistant to impact, mechanical damage and heat, and it is chlorine free, too.

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Why is Edging Master gaining popularity with the customers?

With principal products like PVC and ABS edge banding, Edging Master gives customers the choice to renovate and decorate their furniture indifferent designs and bright colors and patterns.The professionals often give different finishes to wood work and carpentry. These eye catching impressions of different styles and finishes are sure to attract the attention of every visitor in your drawing room.Apart from providing edge banding facilities at reasonable prices, this online site also gives the opportunity to the customers to order custom made materials according to their needs and requirement.


How can Edging Master be contacted by the customers?

Customers who want to avail the services offered by this company can get in touch with them by sending a fax or giving a callon the number that is provided in the official website, or by sending an e-mail.


Hence, customers can now renovate their furniture and give them a brand new look with the help of PVC and ABS Edging For Home Furniture.

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