Why edge banding is gaining popularity among the people? Edge banding is done to cover the sharp edges of the furniture which is very harmful for the children & the elderly persons who have a tendency to bump into various kinds of surfaces. The old people do not have that strength left in their body to walk steadily. They do not take caution while walking which makes them vulnerable to cuts & scratches got from the sharp edges or corners of the furniture. The same is with the children who are so active & energetic & are not at all careful when they are playing which makes them vulnerable & there is great chance to get hurt in the sharp edges of the furniture. Edge banding helps in preventing accidents as the skin of the children & elderly people are soft & can turn into a big problem. Adults also get hurt on the edges of the ill finished furniture.

About the furniture building companies: The companies which build furniture are becoming more business centric & therefore, takes plenty of orders at the same time which makes it difficult for the furniture makers to contribute sufficient time to build a furniture. Furniture thus, stays unfinished as the makers cannot give concentration to the minute details. In earlier times, the furniture makers used to make furniture with great care keeping in mind the minute details & thus, used to provide a great finish. The edges in those times were not left open& were not used to be sharp but with the rising of demand & people getting less time to contribute in making furniture. The pressure on the workers to meet productivity has affected the work quality which is why the makers are somehow finishing the task of making different types of furniture which are as follows:

· Chair

· Table

· Desk

· Wardrobe

· Cupboard

· Centre table

· Dressing table

· Self

· Bed & many more

Edging Tape is used by both the consumers & the furniture makers who use these colorful tapes found in different shapes & sizes & in various textures to cover the sharp & unattended edges of the furniture. These provide a distinct look to the furniture thereby adding to the beauty of the place where the furniture is to be kept.PVC Edging & ABS Edging are both different types of edging which is used by the people to increase the outlook of the furniture.


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